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Islamic Laws by Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani

This version of the English Risalah of the rulings of Sheikh Wahid Khorasani is not the official version. However, the text of this English Risalah has been taken directly from his official website and edited for better understanding of the common English speaking people.

The official English translation had few laws and at times sections missing which have been added here and have been marked in Italics. These additions of missing laws have been done by translating those missing laws from the official Urdu version into English. Similarly, you will find in certain places selected word are marked in Italics because they have been either replaced instead of those word used in the official translation for better understanding or have been added within brackets to better explain what was meant by the translator (with the use of the official Urdu translation of Sheikh Wahid’s Risalah).
In addition, the spellings of the Fiqh terminologies used have been replaced for better readability and understanding, for example, in the official translation the word Qadha to denote missed prayers or fasting has been written as Qaḍā which a simple reader would read as ‘qada’ making no sense at all.
I encourage you to keep updated with the laws from the official website of Sheikh Wahid and compare from there to be certain of following his rulings correctly. His English Risalah can be found at wahidkhorasani.com

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