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  • 14 December

    Intisar A. Rabb

    Intisar A. Rabb is a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and a director of its Islamic Legal Studies Program. She also holds an appointment as a Professor of History at Harvard University and as a...

  • 14 December

    Wael B. Hallaq

    Wael B. Hallaq is a scholar of Islamic law and Islamic intellectual history. His teaching and research deal with the problematic epistemic ruptures generated by the onset of modernity and the socio-politico-historical forces subsumed by...

  • 14 December

    Morgan Clarke

    Morgan Clarke is an anthropologist of the Arabic-speaking Middle East with a particular interest in contemporary Islam, especially Islamic law and its relationship to positive law, secular ethics and the...

  • 14 December

    Robert Gleave

    Robert Gleave is Professor of Arabic Studies and Director of the Centre for the Study of Islam (CSI), IAIS, University of Exeter...

  • 14 December

    Abdulaziz Sachedina

    Abdulaziz Sachedina, Ph.D., is Professor and IIIT Chair in Islamic Studies at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Dr. Sachedina, who has studied in India, Iraq, Iran, and Canada, obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto...

  • 14 December

    Joseph Franz Schacht

    Joseph Franz Schacht (born in Ratibor, 15 March 1902, died in Englewood, 1 August 1969) was a British-German professor of Arabic and Islam at Columbia University in New York. He was the leading Western scholar on Islamic law, whose Origins of...

  • 3 December

    The End of Traditional Islamic Jurisprudence in Hermeneutics of Moḥammad Mojtahed Shabestarī

    This article is devoted to the contemporary Shi'a Iranian religious scholar and thinker Moḥammad Mojtahed Shabestarī (b. 1936)...