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June, 2019

  • 14 June

    A Report on 2019 Annual International Imam Khomeini Conference

    The 2019 Annual International Imam Khomeini Conference, Organised by the Research Group of Anjuman e SharaieShian and Hawza Ilmiya Jamia Babul Ilm, was held in The Oriental College of...

  • 11 June

    Documentary: The Destruction of Jannat al-Baqee

    on 8th Shawwal 1345 the mausoleums in Jannatul al-Baqi were demolished by King Ibn Saud. A documentary searching into the hatred against the family of the...

  • 9 June

    Call for Papers: Islamic Perspectives on Organ Donation after Death

    A two-day workshop, hosted by Al-Mahdi Institute in conjunction with the UK Organ Donation and Transplant Research Centre at the University of Bedfordshire, hopes to facilitate multi-disciplinary scholarship dealing with...

  • 2 June

    Predicting the Eid al-Fitr according to Shia Maraji’

    Certain factors are at play for sighting the crescent on the first night of the month. These factors include “the time when the sun and the moon sets”, “the interval between the setting of the two”, “the coordinates of the sun and the moon and also the difference between the angles of them which is down to the latitudinal as well as the directional difference of the moon and the sun”, “the percentage of...

May, 2019

April, 2019

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