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  • 14 April

    Simplified Islamic Laws for Young Adults +PDF

    Every action that a person performs has a specific ruling in Islam. The various actions that we perform, which are related to our responsibility (to Allah) are divided into five categories: Wajib, Haram, Mustahab, Makruh, and...

December, 2018

  • 30 December

    Consideration of Mental States in Islamic Jurisprudence

    In our time, along with the attention towards the physical well-being of humans, there has been a huge step in bringing to light the importance of mental and emotional health...

  • 10 December

    Islamic Laws by Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani

    This version of the English Risalah of the rulings of Sheikh Wahid Khorasani is not the official version. However, the text of this English Risalah has been taken directly from his official website and edited for better understanding of the...

November, 2018

December, 2017

  • 24 December

    Islamic Law and Sexuality Conference

    This two day workshop aims to investigate questions of Islamic law and sexuality, broadly conceived, including but not limited to such subjects as il/legitimate sex, communal perceptions of sexuality, marriage, sexual violence, gender, concubinage and...

  • 23 December

    Muftis, Fatwas & Muslims in the UK – A Study of Islamic Legal Advice

    The project, Muftis, Fatwas, and Muslims in the UK – A Study of Islamic Legal Advice, will examine the people who make religious judgements in Britain and the context in which their advice is sought, given and interpreted...

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