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January, 2019

  • 20 January

    Is Nail-Implant an Impediment to Wuḍū and Ghosl?

    In major ablution (Ghosl) and minor ablution (Wuḍū), water must reach throughout the body and it is not allowed to create an impediment on the body that is difficult or impossible to remove, unless there is a necessity or a

  • 19 January

    Lady Fatima al-Zahra’s (sa) Will to Imam ‘Ali (as)

    Fatima told Imam Ali (as) that she had seen the Messenger of Allah (S) in her dream, and he had told her that she was going to join him that night. She then asked Imam Ali (as) to...

  • 19 January

    Foundations of Islamic Unity: Crucial Points Relevant to the Reconciliation of the Muslim Community

    In this monumental book, one of the most important works of the late Sayyid Abd al-Husayn Sharaf al-Din al Musawi al-Amili, the author has presented the reasons why love and harmony must prevail between all Muslims. In this monumental book, one of the most important works of the late Sayyid ...

  • 19 January

    The Creation of Philosophical Tradition

    the book “The Creation of Philosophical Tradition: Biography & the Reception of Avicenna’s Philosophy from the Eleventh to the Fourteenth Century A.D.” clearly documents the vitality of the post-classical philosophical tradition as reflected in literary biography, the genres of...

  • 19 January

    Geographical and Political History of Fadak

    he Islamic history of Fadak started from that when it became a property of the Prophet (s) because it was not possessed by war. Then the Prophet donated it to Fatima. It remained in Fatima’s possession until her...

  • 18 January

    Al-Mahdi Institute Full-Time Study Opens Enrolment for 2019

    Applications for Al-Mahdi Institute full-time study (starting September each year), can be submitted from the 1st of June of each year...

  • 16 January

    Islam, Law and the Modern State: (Re)imagining Liberal Theory in Muslim Contexts

    This path-breaking study on comparative public law confirms that the globalisation of debates about the relationship of law and religion allows today a profound, sensible re-assessment of plurality-conscious ‘justice as...

  • 16 January

    Islam and the future of tolerance +PDF

    Islam and the Future of Tolerance has been published with the explicit goal of inspiring a wider public discussion by way of example. In a world riven by misunderstanding and violence, Harris and Nawaz demonstrate how two people with very different views can find common ground. In this short book, ...

  • 16 January

    Video: Imam Musa al-Sadr and Christian Ice Cream Seller

    Although he was a Christian, he was a fan and follower of Imam Musa Sadr; and the traditions form Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali were always hung on the walls of his house. Uncle Antiba was a Christian ice cream seller in the city of Sour in Lebanon who had ...

  • 15 January

    Abusing and Insulting Leaders of Sunni Madhhab according to Shia Jurists

    When a person speaking in the name of Shi‘as on his private internet television channel (based in London, UK) used abusive and insulting remarks about one of the wives of the Prophet of Islam (s.a.w.), a group of...

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