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February, 2018

  • 12 February

    Al-Mahdi Institute Research Bursaries for Doctoral Project

    A number of small grants and bursaries are available to encourage the development and publication of research in line with the aims and objectives of Al-Mahdi Institute...

  • 11 February

    Summer Courses on Shi‘a Studies to be Held on July

    Al-hikmah institute of Al-Mustafa International University organizes a summer program which provide a format for introducing and discussing Shi‘a history, thoughts, beliefs, demography, Shi‘a governments, education system, branches and denominations, as well as ideological roots of Islamic revolution in...

  • 3 February

    Self-Identity and Otherness: Shia Approaches to Religious Pluralism

    The Self-Identity and Otherness: Shia Approaches to Religious Pluralism panel is an examination of the history of Shia views of other religious traditions as well as the contemporary legal-theological reflection about religious pluralism...

  • 3 February

    Sixth International Course on Shi’a Islamic Studies

    The Shi’a Intensive Course endeavors to enhance scholarly attention to Shiʿi Islam and offer an original and insightful understanding of its history, doctrines and practices. Combining the classical Shiʿa thought and the..

January, 2018

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