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December, 2019

November, 2019

  • 27 November

    Call for Papers: Turkish Journal of Shiite Studies

    Turkish Journal of Shiite Studies aims to publish studies reflecting the scientific and academic perspective which are related to Shi’ism that one of...

  • 5 November

    Book: Shiʻi Islam, An Introduction

    In this book, the writer hopes to shed light on the some of the questions that likely motivated a reader to pick it up in the first place: What are the differences between a Shiʻi and a Sunni Muslim? How did these differences develop over time in...

  • 5 November

    Book: The Rebel and the Imam in Early Islam

    The writer discusses three key case studies - the revolt of Mukhtar b. Abi 'Ubayd, the life of the Twelver Shi'i Imam Musa al-Kazim and the rebellion and subsequent death of the Zaydi Shi'i Imam Yahya b. 'Abd Allah - in calling for...

  • 3 November

    Call for Papers: Devotion (Walāya) and Shiʿi Islam

    The Shiʿi Studies Group at the University of Chicago will host its 2020 annual symposium on the theme of walāya—the call of devotion to the Ahl al-Bayt that is at the core of...

  • 3 November

    The Features of the Shi‘a from the Perspective of Imam al-Sadiq

    In this article, Imam al-Sadiq, the sixth Shi‘a Imam, gives advice to his companion Abd-Allah ibn Jundab on the features of a true Shi‘a, some of which are those who know God, heed the hereafter, constantly engage in...

September, 2019

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