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April, 2019

  • 19 April

    A Summary of Ruling +PDF

    This book is the English translation of the Risalat al-Fiqh (text of Islamic Laws) of Grand Ayatollah Nasir Makarem Shirazi, with a helpful addition of a glossary of Arabic terms appended at the end for the...

  • 9 April

    Hamza b. ‘Ali b. Zuhra al-Halabi

    Al-Sayyid Abūl-Makārim ʿIzz al-Dīn Ḥamza b. ʿAlī b. Zuhra al-Ḥusaynī al-Ḥalabī, b. 511/1118 - d. 588/1189) famous as Ibn Zuhra was a Faqih, Usuli, Mutikallim, Nahwi, and one of the great Shi'a scholars of...

  • 2 April

    Book Fatwa in Indonesia by Pradana Boy

    This book takes a close look at three Fatwaa-making agencies—Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Lajnah Bahth al-Masail Nahdlatul Ulama, and Majelis Tarjih Muhammadiyah—all of which are highly influential in shaping religious thought and the lives of Muslims in Indonesia...

  • 2 April

    Article: Human Cloning through the Eyes of Muslim Scholars

    This article gives a comprehensive analysis of these conferences, the relation between science and religion as reflected in the discussions there, and the further influence of these discussions on Muslims living in...

March, 2019

  • 26 March

    Book: Guardians of Faith in Modern Times: Ulama in the Middle East

    This volume is sure to become a valuable tool to both historians and social scientists working on Islamic law and on the social, political and...

  • 24 March

    Book: Towards A Fiqh For Minorities: Some Basic Reflections

    “Fiqh for Minorities” is an important subject and a much needed contribution to an area of fiqh that has become essential for the well being and development of Muslim communities living in...

  • 22 March

    Book: Shariah Law: Questions and Answers

    The book is Comprehensive in its scope and detailed in discussing how shariah addresses issues such as worship, criminal law, gender and family, banking and finance, and modern bioethical and...

  • 22 March

    Book: The Islamic Scholarly Tradition

    The book “The Islamic Scholarly Tradition, Studies in History, Law and Thought in Honor of Professor Micnael Cock” contains highly original articles on Islamic history, law, and thought, each either proposing new hypotheses or readjusting...

  • 15 March

    Was al-Shafiʻi the Master Architect of Islamic Jurisprudence?

    During the last three or four decades, modern scholarship has increasingly come to recognize Muhammad Ibn Idris al-Shafiʻi (d. 820) as having played a most central role in the early development of...

  • 14 March

    Article: Islamic Law and Environmental Ethics

    The article titled, Islamic Law and Environmental Ethics: How Jurisprudence (usul al-fiqh) Mobilizes Practical Reform, shows how those principles can function as mechanisms for normative change, and reviews their diagnostic capacity for evaluating various uses of...

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