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Ijtihad Network is now the largest and the most inclusive special-purpose website for Islamic Jurisprudence, dealing with organizing and conducting educational, research, and social information of jurisprudence and Ijtihad (legal reasoning), particularly in Islamic Seminaries.

Increasing development of Islam in western countries on one hand, and the spread of English language in Islamic countries on the other, has raised the population of the English Speaking multicultural Muslims to several hundred millions.

For example, one hundred and ninety million Muslims live only in Indonesia and its formal language is English. Similarly, Nigeria has over 70 million English speaking Muslims. In Arabic speaking Islamic countries, English language is informally the second communication language.

The necessity to provide for such a large volume of addresses in cyberspace has prompted various English speaking networks to propagate Islam along with a great number of websites that promote Wahhabism and to get involved in this field of activity. In respect to the survey made, it was found out that there is no major network exclusively involving in Ja’fari jurisprudence.

After passing through experimental stages and testing the addressees, the trial version was formally put into operation from the early 2013 and by adopting an approach relatively independent from the Persian version (instead of mere translation), it has attracted addressees from North America, Europe, Subcontinent, and certain parts of Africa.

Specific Objectives of Ijtihad English Network:

1. Introducing Islamic lifestyle and elucidating the advantages of this style over the Western lifestyle.

2. Purging the name of Islam and the Islamic jurisprudence of the Takfiri trends and explicating the distinctions of these trends from the pure Muhammadan Islam.

3. Providing English-speaking Muslims with scholarly information and covering the news on conferences and events concerning Islamic jurisprudence, law, and economy.


  1. kareem ali mukhtar abdur-raheem

    did any research ever find tiny scales on lobster

  2. As Alekum,

    Is it permissible for a muslim to buy bitcoins digitally and trade with other currencies for profits on online platforms?

    Thank you

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