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August, 2017

  • 16 August

    Organ Transplants according to Islam

    organ donation and transplantation

    The issue of organ transplantation in Islam is divided into the cases where the donor is alive and when he is dead. There are a couple potential problems regarding organ transplant from a live donor. One of the potential problems is that in Islam it is prohibited to harm oneself to the point of...

  • 10 August

    A review on the Book “Refugee Status in Islam”

    The book Refugee Status in Islam is based on Shoukri’s PhD thesis (completed in 2007), andaddresses a highly significant and...

  • 8 August

    Call for Papers: Governance and Violence in Islamic Law

    A workshop titled “Governance and Violence in Islamic Law” will be held on 24th November 2017 at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies University of Exeter Funded by the...

  • 3 August

    A Dialogue on Taqleed according to Ayatollah Sistani’s Islamic Law

    Taqleed is the following, by a lay person, of a Jurist in matters of religious practice. Thus, you apply the Jurist’s legal opinion (fatwa). It is as if you have put the responsibility squarely on the Jurist’s shoulders, in that he will stand accountable before Allah insofar as your compliance with...

July, 2017

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