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October, 2017

  • 19 October

    Islamic Jurisprudence Glossary+PDF

    Considering the fact that a great deal of technical jurisprudential terms are frequently used in Fiqhi resources, English Department of Ayatollah Makaim Shirazi’s Office releases the compilation of jurisprudential terms along with their simplified explanation to...

  • 19 October

    Book: Law, Society and Culture in the Maghrib, 1300–1500

    Focusing on the Maghrib in the period between 1300 and 1500, in this book David Powers analyses the application of Islamic law through the role of the mufti....

  • 14 October

    Book: Shariʻah Law: An Introduction +PDF

    Providing a comprehensive and accessible examination of Shari’ah Law, this well considered introduction examines the sources, characteristic features, and schools of thought of a system often stereotyped for its severity in the West. In a progressive and graduated fashion, Mohammad Hashim Kamali discusses topics ranging from...

  • 9 October

    Book: Wahabism and Monotheism

    Had an educated Wahabist known that his supreme jurist-consult Abdul Azeez Bin Baz state that "Allah the Elevated is a material corporeality existing in a form of a human being in a certain place in this universe having a face hand leg limbs and organs and that His Throne is carried by...

  • 8 October

    One Thousand Years of Islamic Education in Najaf:Myth and History of the Shiʿi Ḥawza

    This paper addresses the question of whether or not there is sufficienthistorical evidence to support the tradition that the ḥawza of Najaf is indeed 1,000years old...

  • 8 October

    Book: Kirmānī Shaykhism and the Ijtihād: A Study of Abū al-Qāsim Khān Ibrāhīmī’s Ijtihād wa Taqlīd

    This research is a study of Abū al-Qāsim Khān Ibrāhīmī [Abū al-Qāsim Khān] (d. 1969)'s Ijtihād wa taqlīd, a contemporary Shaykhī Kirmānī literary text. This work is a particularly clear exposé of Shaykhī Kirmānī opinions on...

  • 3 October

    Book: Unique Sacrifice of Imam Hussain for Humanity

    Unique Sacrifice of Imam Hussain for Humanity is a book complied by Dr. Manzoor Rizvi which highlights many aspects of the great martyrdom and sacrifice presented by Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussain. It is one thing to acquire power through illegal means, coercion or tyranny. But it is completely inhumane ...

  • 3 October

    Imam Hussein’s Mourning in Nigeria

    Members of Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of his Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) joined humanity in marking ASHURA DAY with procession in different towns and cities across the country some of which include...

  • 3 October

    Studying Jurisprudence Principles of Imam Hussein’s Uprising and Interpretations of Imam Khomeini and Shahid Mutahhari

    Although the uprising of Ashura happened as an event of a special time and place and finished with martyrdom of the dearest people of Islam, but in a short time have changed to a rich and long - lasting culture, the effect of which has extended during times...

  • 2 October

    Imam Hussain’s Mourning in Picture

    In their millions, Muslims have staged passionate mourning ceremonies in commemoration of the day in history that witnessed the martyrdom of the icon of sacrifice to the faithful. The occasion, known as Ashura, marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and 72 of his companions in 680 AD in a land that is ...

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