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December, 2022

November, 2022

  • 27 November

    Book: Islamic Economics and COVID-19

    This book is a timely exploration of an unprecedented, cataclysmic pandemic episode. It examines certain critical aspects of socio-scientific theory across a variety of diverse themes, and through an epistemic lens...

  • 26 November

    Prophet’s Marriage to ‘Āyisha, A Hadith that Become a Reason for Islamophobia

    The subject of my thesis was the famous and controversial hadith about the Islamic prophet Muḥammad’s marriage to his wife ʿĀʾišah bt. ʾabī Bakr at a young age: according to the dominant version of the hadith, she was six or seven at the time of her marital engagement, and nine at the time of her....

  • 24 November

    Ummah: A New Paradigm for a Global World

    How can we live together without alienation, avoidance, and fear? How can we complement one another such that each of us can uniquely contribute to the making of our societies? To address these and other questions, Katrin A. Jomaa examines the….

  • 21 November

    Curriculum Renewal for Islamic Education

    The book, 'Curriculum Renewal for Islamic Education: Critical Perspectives on Teaching Islam in Primary and Secondary Schools', demonstrates why and how it is necessary to redesign Islamic Education curriculum in the.....

  • 20 November

    Ph.D. Thesis: The Lived Experience of Muslim Women Subjected to Islamophobia

    This study explores the subjective experience of five Muslim women who wear or wore hijab in the past, and faced Islamophobia, using psychoanalytic case study methodology....

  • 16 November

    Ali, Figures of the First Master in Shī‘ī Spirituality

    Based on a detailed analysis of several categories of sources, this book demonstrates that Shi‘ism is the religion of the Imam, of the Master of Wisdom, just like Christianity is that of Christ, and that ‘Alī is the...

  • 14 November

    The Renaissance of Shiʿi Islam, Facets of Thought and Practice

    The chapters in this open access book represent the most recent scholarship on the intellectual and spiritual life of the age and discuss what prepared the ground for its appearance as well as its achievements....

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