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September, 2021

  • 22 September

    To Karbala: Surveying Religious Shiʻa from Iran and Iraq

    This survey captures the attitudes and beliefs of religiously observant Shiites by surveying Iranians and Iraqis on pilgrimage to Karbala for the Shiite holy day of Arba’een. When we conducted this survey in the days leading up to and during the Arba’een celebrations of 2015, 22 million pilgrims reportedly participated in the...

  • 21 September

    Digital Technology and Pilgrimage: Shiʿi Rituals of Arbaʿin in Iraq

    This paper offers a study on the increasing digitization of Shiʿi Muslim rituals of Arbaʿin, observed on the fortieth day after the martyrdom of Husayn, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, at the battlefield of Karbala, Iraq; his shrine here is visited by....

  • 19 September

    Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures: 2010-2020

    A unique collaboration of nearly 300 scholars worldwide, the Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures 2010-2020 is an interdisciplinary, trans-historical, and...

  • 12 September

    Crisis and Consolidation in the Formative Period of Shi’ite Islam

    The present work attempts to shed light on some aspects of the Imamite doctrine during the period of Minor Occultation and on the contributions of Abu Ja'far b. Qiba to the formation of the developed Imamite doctrine...

  • 6 September

    Marriage in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism

    Marriage holds a special position in different cultures and religions. Despite differences in the limits and conditions of marriage, religions have many similarities in regard to the issue of marriage. This research paper is a comparative study of marriage in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The findings reveal that all three …

August, 2021

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