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January, 2023

December, 2022

  • 25 December

    Islam and Women: A New Approach

    This present book deals with topics as diverse as the methodology of discussing Islam, the hijab, women’s rights, the status of women in Islam, gender identity, family life, raising children, the duty of parents, the ideal married life, and being a leader and a...

  • 20 December

    Identifying the Righteous Marjiʿiyyah

    In this book, Āyatullāh Sayyid Munīr al-Khabbāz gives an extended overview into the concept of the Marjʿiyyah, and discusses the character and qualifications of Grand Āyatullāh Sayyid ʿAlī al-Sistānī....

  • 20 December

    An Introduction to the Collection of Warram

    Warram Ibn Abi Firas’s Tanbih Al-Khawatir Wa Nuzhat Al-Nawazir, better known as Majmu‘at Waram (The Collection of Warram) is a precious collection of narrations on the moral practices and etiquettes of God-wary and...

  • 18 December

    Bosnian Hajj Literature: Multiple Paths to the Holy

    This is the first critical and theoretically grounded book-length study of Hajj literature (written texts about the experience of the Hajj) and Hajj practices of Bosnian Muslims.....

  • 14 December

    New Released: A Memorandum on Intersectarian Harmony in Islam

    This is a translation of the book Risālah Salām Madhhabī written by Shaykh Haider Hobbollah, published in 2015 and addressed both Shī‘ī and Sunnī audiences....

  • 12 December

    Law Beyond Israel: From the Bible to the Qur’an

    The Hebrew Bible formulates two sets of law: one for Israelites and one for gentiles living in the Holy Land. Law Beyond Israel argues that the laws for non-Israelites form the historical basis of qur'anic law, pointing to legal continuity from the Hebrew Bible to the New Testament and...

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