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May, 2019

April, 2019

  • 30 April

    Video: Why Do You Wear Hijab?

    What follows is an interview with Dina Soaring who decided to wear hijab when she was fifteen. The questions are as follows: Is there really an Islamophobia in America? Is Hijab an obligation? Why did you...

  • 30 April

    Video: Ayatollah Bahjat’s Patience towards His Wife

    Even when our mother expressed discomfort, if he had an answer, he would not say. He would not respond with anger or sadness at all to the state of sadness from his family, and in most cases he showed no...

  • 29 April

    Video: Medical Team Completes Sheikh Zakzaky Investigations

      A delegation of expert doctors and consultants led by Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) have completed an initial investigation of Sheikh Zakzaky and Mallima Zeenah. Both have been held in illegal detention since the end of 2015. This initial investigation has highlighted the need for urgent investigations into their ...

  • 28 April

    Video: Although Others Willing to Pay the Triple Price for Bar the Church Sold for Mosque

    Although others willing to pay three times the price to turn the church into a bar, it was sold to a Muslim group for much less money so God could still be worshiped in a House of God...

  • 21 April

    Video: Christian British Researcher’s Views on Imam Mahdi (AS)

    Without the presence of the divinedly appointed Imam Mahdi (A.S) human beings would necessarily go in the chaos and confusion…

  • 20 April

    Video: World Powers VS Imam Mahdi

    This religion is a revolution that belongs to you! If the people knew the beauty of the words of the Ahlulbayt (A), they would follow them. The only barrier between them and a better world is...

  • 7 April

    Video: Take Your Hijab Off Or Quit Boxing

    When Amaiya Zafar first started boxing, she was prohibited from competing in her first tournament because she was wearing long sleeves, leggings, and a hijab underneath her uniform. Zafar didn’t take disappointment lying down. Instead, she fought to...

March, 2019