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He Never Told Me to Give Him a Glass of Water: Motahhari’s Wife

Shahid Motahari’s wife says about his behavior: Most of the morning he made the tea and I do not remember him throughout all my life telling me to give him a glass of water.

He would be very upset and angry with cases of cruelty against women. He always said that women should not be exploited. He said that Islam has given women a great deal of rights, Even Islam says that a woman does not have any obligations, not only in case of breastfeeding her baby, but also for doing other things and chores. I remember I went to Isfahan to see my daughter and after a few days I returned to Tehran with one of my friend. It was near the dawn time (sahar) when I got home. When I arrived home I saw all the children are asleep, but Ayatollah Motahhari was awake, he had prepared tea for us; he had prepared fruits and sweets, and he was waiting for me. My friend accompanying me was very surprised to see this scene and said: Are all clerics so good? After greetings when he saw that the kids were still asleep, he said sadly to me: I’m afraid that someday you will come from your trip and I will not be at home so there is no one to welcome you.


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