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Video: Why Allama Amini Kissed His Wife’s Hand?

“It has been said famously that on my parents’ wedding night when my mother’s uncle encouraged the bride and the groom to hold each other’s hands together, my father – now although he was an Allameh – bent down and kissed my mother’s hand in full view of everyone.” This is part of the memories of the son of Allameh Amini (the author of the book al-Ghadir) that narrates the story of love that his parents had toward each other. My mother’s love for my father was such that none of us dared to complain to our father about his travels to Tehran and his long absence from the family. When Allameh was in bed for two years, the doctor told him that your wife needs more care than you, her health conditions are more dangerous than you. Allameh also loved my mother and we did not see anything of him but love and respect for his wife. Even later, when we married and we went on with the business of our own lives, my late father ordered me to come to visit my mother, care about her needs and requirements.

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