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April, 2020

January, 2020

December, 2019

  • 31 December

    Video: Zainab Is an Example of Standing against Tyranny

    Zainab was stand up and said this is oppression, this is a tyrant, you have to stand up against it...

  • 18 December

    Defending Marjaiyyah in Iraq Is Wajib

    Islam is a principled and an organized religion. As Wilayat al-Faqih is of utmost importance to the believers, likewise Marjaiyyah is much important. Defending Marjaiyyah is our duty. When it comes to defending, we don't differentiate between the two...

  • 16 December

    Iraqi Troops Meet the Grand Ayatollah Sistani +Video

    The head of Iraqi WIA Association, Maqdam Rahim, in a televised interview revealed that he, along with seven other wounded of the country’s army, visited the Grand Ayatollah Sistani a few months ago on the...

  • 10 December

    Marjaiyyah, Solution to Iraq’s Turmoil

    What is going on in Iraq and what is the ultimate solution? While different analysts propose different solutions to the turmoil in Iraq, what is the best solution? Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari explains it for...

October, 2019

  • 3 October

    Humiliation of Takfiri Mufti in Live TV Broadcast

    You are watching a part of the confessions of the Wahhabi Mufti living in Saudi Arabia in a satellite program, when a telephone caller humiliated him. Attendance of Adnan al-Aroor, the Wahhabi Mufti living in Saudi Arabia, in Wisalsatellite TV and his confessions about ISIS humiliated him in the live ...