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Training and Education in Islam

The present book is a collection [transcription] of all extant lectures by the martyred thinker, Professor Āyatullāh Murtaḍā Muṭahharī about training and education in Islam.

The twentieth century saw a heightened tension between religious and secular approaches to education. In this era of cataclysmic social change, Mutahhari presented this Islamic perspective on training and education, using his signature approach of applying traditional Islamic sources to contemporary questions. Although in his time rote learning was prized, Mutahhari emphasized the importance of critical thinking skills. He also emphasized education outside of the classroom, such as learning through work. Taking a holistic perspective, he discussed the importance of spiritual and moral training, worship as a means of personal development, and the importance of developing self-esteem. Although delivered in the 1970’s these lectures remain essential reading for anyone involved in training or education.

It divided into two parts: The first part is a series of lectures to a group of religious studies teachers, while the second part is a series of lectures titled “Islamic Training” given to members of the Islamic Association of Doctors.

About the Author

Motahari is considered to have an important influence on the ideologies of the Islamic Republic, among others. He was a co-founder of Hosseiniye Ershad and the Combatant Clergy Association (Jāme’e-ye Rowhāniyat-e Mobārez). He was a disciple of Ayatollah Khomeini during the Shah’s reign and formed the Council of the Islamic Revolution at Khomeini’s request. He was chairman of the council at the time of his assassination.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Training and Education in Islam

Author: Mortaza Mutahhar

Translator: Mansur Limba

Publisher: Al-Mustafa International Publication Center

 Language: English


ISBN:  1904063446

Pub. Date: 2014/12/08

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