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Is Holiness Fatima (P.B.U.H) the Basis for Unity or the Cause of Disunity?

Among infallible Imams (pbut) there is no one whose approach and behavior lead to disunity in the Islamic society. in other words, Her Holiness Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) and other infallible Imams(pbut), all have had an approach that can be a cause and basis for the unity in the Islamic society.

Ijtihad Network: About her holiness Fatimah Zahra’s personality must be said that this personality is Kawthar. Kawthar means great abundance, when it comes with AL like Al-kawthar, it means that this great abundance is not only considered in one aspect but in many different aspects. She was the source of goodness. In the same way that her holiness Fatimah (pbuh) had the epithet “Kawthar” and she was deserved of being great abundance, her descendants who are the household of infallible imams, are the best and the most benevolent generations in the human history. The future of human owes its evolution to this generation, especially one of the descendants whose name is Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuh). The role of her holiness Fatimah (pbuh) in elaborating the way of Ahl Al-Bayt is a great and infinite abundance.  The role that this great lady of the world of Islam had in preserving the basis of Islamic nation and having a particular view to Islamic society is considered as a mature permanent dynamic role during history. However, we have failed in recognizing this role due to lack of true analyses about this character.

The life of her holiness Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) is an advantageous and worthy life for following in different aspects that we failed to recognize her social, political, devotional, and individual life dimensions. We still could not obtain the adequate and complete analysis of her life. When we are asked, “What do you know about her holiness Fatima Zahra (pbuh)?” our mind mostly go to her Hijab or we can say two or three other characteristics of her and finally we cannot give a complete analysis.

Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) herself had a wonderful role in introducing prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) to the Islamic society, bringing comfort to him and in other different situations. Therefore, her holiness Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) is a unique character in human history that speaking about her is not an easy work.

Many people have uttered a lot of words about Fatimah (pbuh) that all of them are remarkable. A famous phrase among them is “Fatimah is Fatimah”. This phrase indicates that in relation with the definition of this great lady we approach to this point that we will not find the word better than “Fatimah” to define her. Whatever we use for defining her has some deficiency and imperfection, albeit there are different interpretations for her holiness Fatimah Zahra (dpuh). Some phrases have been used by the prophet and infallible imams (pbut) as well which among them there is a narration that her holiness Fatimah (dpuh) is introduced as a role model for imam Al-Mahdi (dpuh); it means that Fatimah Zahra is the leader and the role model of Imam Zaman who will establish a universal reformation and revolution in the End Time. It shows that there are many unrevealed capacities in the life of Fatimah (pbuh) that we have not still obtain an accurate analysis, and they have such utmost importance that could be an introduction to a universal movement in the End Time.

Among infallible Imams (pbut) there is no one whose approach and behavior lead to disunity in the Islamic society. in other words, Her Holiness Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) and other infallible Imams(pbut), all have had an approach that can be a cause and basis for the unity in the Islamic society. Albeit, Infallible Imams (pbut) and also Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) had been applying two simultaneous behavior; One of them was following a behavior and expressing the words that provide a way led [people] to be Shia, the other one was a behavior that strongly protects the framework of the unity in the Islamic society and the basis of the Islamic nation while drawing the way of Shia which is the way of Ahlulbayt (the Holy prophet Mohammad’s household). We should consider these two pillars together because putting one of them aside means that we don’t know Ahlulbayt properly. While elaborating and analyzing the characteristic of Her Holiness Fatimah Zahra (pbuh), it brings us to this point that this great lady of the Islamic world was striving to introduce Imam Ali(pbuh) as the basis of the right and Imam of the Community while providing and observing the red lines which would neither cross the interests of the Islamic society nor overturn the Islamic nation.

Mentioning a Witness

One of the proofs and evidences of this fact is that everybody knows the important role of Imam Ali ibn Abitalib (pbuh) in preserving and strengthening the Islamic society of those days. As he was perusing this goal sometimes with his silence or with his presence inside the community or sometimes by consulting that community and being in its context. This is a proven fact that everyone accepts it. If we do so, we must also accept that Her Holiness Fatimah Zahra(pbuh) and Imam Ali(pbuh) had two opposite behavior and they had two contradictory flows of thought. This statement is false and its falsity is clear. God forbid that we see them opposed. Otherwise, we should accept that these two honorable characters, based on the complexities of time, had shared their duties in the way that one’s behavior was the complementary to another. This is the true statement. If so, then the way which Imam Ali (pbuh) was following to preserve and strengthen the society, was the purpose and desire of Fatimah Zahra (pbuh); whatever Her Holiness Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) intended to do, was the purpose and desire of Imam Ali (pbuh).

The approach of Imam Ali (pbuh) and Her Holiness Fatimah (pbuh)

These two honorable characters both were looking for proving and elaborating the nobility and the way of the Holy prophet Mohammad’s household at same time. They were also seeking for preserving the Islamic society and preventing it from instability and disintegration; it was the approach of Imam Ali and Her Holiness Fatimah (pbuh), but their method was to declare their true right without putting the unity of Islamic society in danger.

Our duty

Today we must not neglect the red lines of Islamic society which is determined by Ahl al-bait. Just as we must not give up following Shia which acknowledges the authority of Ahl al-Bayt, it is required that we introduce Her Holiness Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) as the basis for the unity of Islamic society. Today, the Sunni and Shia interrelations is the way desired by Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) and Imam Ali (pbuh). If Islam suffers from any harms today, then Shia and the other Islamic schools will be harmed too. Islam is a great framework that must be established and preserved definitely and without any doubt. We must not move toward actions which destroy this framework, bases and genuine spirit of Islam.

Being Shia makes sense in this framework. Of course in relation with our Sunni brothers we can discuss our opposite views scientifically and in an academic atmosphere; but, both sides should be of the same opinion on preserving the Islamic society.

It seems that, if we always take these two principles into account, such problems will be resolved by itself. First, we must not act in a way that destroys the unity of Islamic society and results in Islam destruction. Because, the unity is the way of preserving Islam and we must do our best to protect it with no deficiency. We should consider that it is the way of Her Holiness Fatimah al-Zahra (pbuh), Imam Ali (pbuh) and other infallible imams, because, they also aimed for this. Second, the issues and events occurred during history, should be provided in a frame and a context which are in harmony with the basic principles of ‘striving for preserving Islam and Islamic nation’. In case both sides want to bring it up, it would be better to present it academically in scientific places. It is not appropriate to open up a scientific discussion in public places, rather it should be discussed in particular spaces and should not be come up within the society. Of course we can discuss about historical aspects in Shia society in a way that it does not raise conflicts and prejudices against Shia and does not lead to disagreement: exactly the same as Ahl al-Bayt who were in contact with the children of Sunni’ school [followers]. As an example, thousands of Sunni were taking part in Imam Jaʿfar Ṣādiq’s lecture who were among extremely prejudiced Sunni followers. The behavior of Imam Baqir (pbuh) and Imam Jaʿfar Ṣādiq  (pbuh) was in a way that not only allowed them to communicate, but also intensified their interrelationship.

The approach of Imam Jaʿfar Ṣādiq (peace be upon him) in broaching historical issues

Imam Jaʿfar Ṣādiqbroached historical issues, using carefully planned controlled   words which do not raise argument. We must follow Ahl al-Bayt (pbuh) and this is nothing but to state what we regard it true and also peruse controlled frameworks which do not lead to tension in society. Based on rational arguments, it can be said that Imam Jaʿfar ṡ-Ṣādiq’s experience in this ground, is a practical, pleasant and occurred experience. Imam Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq did not struggle with Sunnite, rather he disagreed with the cruel Bani Abbas Caliphs who were against the Islamic society, its development and even Sunni scholars. Therefore, we should not assume both the same. Today, having contact with Sunni followers is the way of Imam Jaʿfar Ṣādiq and serving Her Holiness Fatimah (pbuh) and Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (pbuh). Of course, it does not mean to abandon our Shitte nobility, but the main discussion is on bringing up issues, the way of their presenting approaches and choosing the ways that do not result in sensitivity.

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