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Martyr Sadr Prostrated by the News of Islamic Revolution of Iran’s Victory

Ayatollah Amuzgar indicated that he himself had given the news of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran to Martyr Sadr and pointed out, “Martyr Sadr immediately prostrated before God, and I could see pleasure in his face.

Ayatollah Mohyeddin Amuzgar has been in contact a close relationship with the Martyr Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Baqir Sadr for 13 years. He reckons his presence in the house of Martyr Sayyid and announcing the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran as one of his most important memories.

He says about the story of his acquaintance with Ayatollah Shahid, “The cause for my acquaintance [with him] was the friends who said that a [grand] Sayyid is teaching in Najaf, in the tomb of Ayatollah Shaikh Mohammad Riza ʻAle-Yassin. Then one day they decided to attend in his lesson. They liked Mr. Sadr’s class and told me to participate with them. I resorted to Istikhara.[1]When the result was positive, I attended in his class with my friends and after meeting him I could no longer detach him”.

Ayatollah Mohyeddin Amuzgar, who often referred to the Martyr Sadr as “Sayyidi” (i.e. my master) had been closely in contact with Martyr Sadr up to the time that Saddam Hussein deported him from Iraq.

Here is an interview with Ayatollah Mohyeddin Amuzgar comes below:

Explaining the position of Ayatollah Sadr’s house, Ayatollah Amuzgar states, “In Najaf, Martyr Sadr had rented the house of the late Ayatollah Mamqami, the owner of the book Ilm al-Rijàl, and was living there. His house had exterior and interior parts. The exterior part had two rooms: in one of them the tomb of Ayatollah Mamaqami was located, and the other room was in front of it that Martyr Sadr was holding mourning rituals for AhlulBayt [peace be upon them] in them. The interior space of the house was also devoted to his wife and children. The key of the exterior part of Ayatollah Sadr’s house was given to me, Ayatollah Hashimi Shahroudi, one of his pupils and several others too”.

He added, “I was arrested once by the Iraqi Ba’ath government. At that time, if someone were sent to Baghdad, they would no longer be found and would be executed. When Abu Ja’far was inform that I am under arrest, he himself called directly to the head of Najaf intelligence agency and said, “To me, Sheikh Mohyeddin is like my son Jafar. I want you return him healthy.”.It was why they let me free.

Ayatollah Sadr’s pupil also pointed out the love of Ayatollah Sadr to the Great Architect of the Islamic Revolution, and stated, “Mertyr Sadr had a great affection towards Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him), and since Imam Khomeini was exiled by the Shah to Najaf, this affection increased. There is a famous quote of Martyr Sadr about Imam Khomeini (r.a) that I also heard. It says “Melt in Imam Khomeini (r.a), as he has melted in Islam”.

He continued, “Martyr Sadr was fully involved in the circumstances of Imam’s campaign in Iran and always prayed that Iran’s revolution would be victorious. In fact, I announced him the news of the victory of the Iran’s Revolution. It was one of November evenings in1978, when I was listening to Iran’s radio on the ground floor of the house of Ayatollah Sadr that I suddenly heard the radio broadcaster announced, “Here is Tehran, the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran”. Therefore I ran to give this good news.

Ayatollah Amuzgar indicated that he himself had given the news of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran to Martyr Sadr and pointed out, “Martyr Sadr was saying the evening prayer on the third floor of the exterior part of his home. That day, I saw his spiritual mood at the time of prayer for the first time. From the stairs I went up and saw him gone into rapture. He was reciting Chapter al-Fatiha while his body was trembling and his left leg was shaking completely. I stood at a corner of the room and when his prayers ended, he noticed my presence.”What’s going on?” he asked. I replied, “Congratulation to you that the Islamic Republic was established in Iran. My Master immediately prostrated before God, and I could see pleasure in his face”.

On the martyrdom of Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Baqir Sadr, he mentioned, “I was not in Iraq at the time. Sheikh Mohammad Reza Na’mani, another pupil who had been sheltered Ayatollah’s house, has narrated to me that in the days leading to his martyrdom, Sheikh Isa Khaghani (a Lebanese leader who always went to Saddam Hussein) along with Abu Ali, a Ba’athist security official had come to Sadr’s house to negotiate. He asserted, “This is the only opportunity you can use to solve this crisis. We need an Arabic Marj’iat[2] and seminary, and the government is ready to do everything required, for example, granting the cleric pupils financial aids and Military exemption. All the details of this affair have been investigated by the authorities and there is no problem.”

The cleric pupil of Ayatollah Sadr stated, “The Martyr Sadr replied, “The seminary and Marja’iyat do not need to anyone’ said. The seminary has stood on its feet, and Imam Al-Mahdi(peace upon him) manages it. I can not accept any of your offers.” But Khaghani continued, “The government has decided to lift your blockage provided that you accept at least one of these terms, while rejecting any of them is akin to execution. Is wear to God I heard myself that Saddam said, “If Mohammad Baqir Sadr refused to accept one of these conditions, I will execute him. It means that he must refrain from approving and supporting the Islamic Revolution of Iran and confirming Mr. Khomeini and so on.” Despite all of their efforts, the Martyr Sadr asserted that his position was the same as before. Knowing the position of the Martyr Sadr, Khaghani cried bitterly and said, “I swear to God that Saddam Hussein will kill you.”It came true. On April 16th, 1980, Ayatollah Sadr was arrested and quickly transferred from Najaf to Baghdad.

He added, “After arresting Ayatollah Sadr, his sister left the house and stood in front of the purified shrine of His holiness Amir al-Mu’minin Imam Ali (pbuh) and revealed the news of arresting Ayatollah to the people. The government was afraid of Bent al-Huda Sadr and arrested her because she could provoke people to protest and demonstrate once again. Later, an Iraqi soldier who was in Saddam Hussein’s service at that time narrated the story in this way that Martyr Bent al-Hoda Sadr with his beloved brother were in same room. Bent al-Huda’s head was cut off in front of Ayatollah Sadr’s eyes at Saddam’s command. Saddam Hussein himself tortured the Martyr Sadr and whipped him on the head and face and ultimately he martyred him.

It is worth mentioning that the body of this great martyr now rested in peace at the entrance gate of Najaf after three times displacing his grave.



[1]a way of removing a state of indecision through consulting the Glorious Qur’an or prayer beads.

[2]Al-Marjaʿīyya (Arabic: المَرجَعیّة, literally: religious authority) is the position of giving edicts and is the highest religious ranking for Twelver Shi’as

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