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Draft Teaching Manual: Islamic Law and Human Rights +PDF

The main aim of this module is to introduce student s to comparative perspectives on Islamic law and Human Rights drawing upon English language scholarship in the field. It is intended to provide an understanding of sources of the Islamic legal tradition, including the Qur’an , Hadith , Ijma , Qiyas and Ijtihad with a view to explore the basis of human rights within this tradition and available spaces for discursive engagement.

The present teaching manual is part of an on- going initiative of a number of institutions and colleagues to make materials and resources available and accessible for a range of Islamic law modules to an English speaking audience. The manuals are not prescriptive and only an indicative input into how teachers may develop courses in the area at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We have drawn upon existing courses offered at various institutions at home and abroad and gratefully acknowledge these inputs.

We suggest that this manual is used in conjunction with other resources developed by the project team and available on the website. In particular the manual on Sources of Islamic Law provides a background to the origins and sources of Islamic law and hence of the comparative discourse and debates on Islamic Law and Human Rights.

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