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The Shia-Sunni Debate: Answering the 50 Most Common Questions +PDF

With this book the authors try to bridge the gap between Muslims by answering the most common questions that arise when Sunni and Shia debate. The answers provided have as resources the Holy Qur’an and tradition books of Ahlul Sunnah.

One of the greatest tragedies for the Islamic ummah, the global Muslim community, is that at a time when we should be united, we have never been more divided. The religious divide, in particular, is increasing with wars, conflicts and disputes engulfing the different sects of Islam in various Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

The truth is that all Muslims believe in:

• One God (Allah SWT)

• One Book (The Holy Qur’an)

• One Kabah (in Makkah)

• The final Prophet – Muhammad (S)

This common ground should be used as the base to build theological unity and prevent further divisions between Muslims – divisions which have led to the killing and maiming of fellow human beings in the name of Islam.

Shia Muslims, who form only 15% of the worldwide Muslim population, have been persecuted and oppressed for the past 14 centuries. The main reason for this is because Shia Muslims have been misunderstood, and misrepresented, in the way they follow Islamic tradition as prescribed by the Holy Qur’an and the ahadith (sayings/ practises) of the Holy Prophet (S), and the Ahlul Bayt (Household of the Prophet).

This book has been compiled in five chapters, covering the lectures delivered at Hyderi Islamic Centre in January 2012. It attempts to answer the 50 most common questions posed by Ahlul Sunnah to Shia Muslims.

Bibliographic Information

Title: The Shia-Sunni Debate: Answering the 50 Most Common Questions

Authors: Liaket Dewji and Baqerali Alidina

Publisher: The Sun Behind The Cloud Publications

 Language: English

Length: 77

ISBN: 978-1908110022

Pub. Date: 2012

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