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November, 2018

  • 3 November

    Sunni Nations Are Ourselves: Ayatollah Sistani

    “In one of the recent meetings of Grand Ayatollah with a crowd of Popular Mobilization ‎Forces, one member said we have peaceful coexistence with our Sunni brothers. In reply, ‎Ayatollah al-Sistani underlined that do use the term Sunni brothers but say they are...

September, 2018

July, 2018

June, 2018

April, 2018

January, 2018

May, 2017

  • 12 May

    Temporary Marriage (mut’a) in Islamic Law +PDF

    Though there are important differences between Twelve-Imam Shi’aism and Sunnism on the level of the principles of the religion (usul al-din), on the level of the sharia and fiqh or jurisprudence there are surprisingly few places where...

February, 2017

October, 2016

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