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The Jurisprudential (Fiqhi’) Ruling that Is Worth 15 Million Dollars

The more interesting reason was that, America’s meat organization spends 15 million dollars, just to create a spray so that their meat can become resilient to bacteria, what is unfortunate is that they knows that with halal meat, they wouldn’t have to create the spray, neither would America be spending so much money on just to create one, but the love for the money of this world keeps them blindfolded from the actual truth.

This article is based and was taken from an interview that was taken by a broadcasting company named Tebyan, and it was taken from Laila Shahristani. Laila, is an Islamic studies researcher that lives in the United States, she has earned her education in the field of microbiology, her bachelors degree in biology which was completed in Fullerton University, CA, and then later on attained higher studies in Polytechnic University, CA. In the midst of her university research, she found there was a sparkling connection between her Islamic studies and microbiology, which was created in her own mind, which also adds extensively to her activities. Laila is currently teaching at the Imam Sadiq (AS) learning centre in California, USA.

In microbiology, lactoferrin was the subject of study. Lactoferrin is a protein molecule that exists in our blood; this is found in abundance in the colostrums of the mother’s breast milk, it has a special anti-microbes and it stands in the way of the microbes, what lactoferrin does is that it attracts iron towards itself, meaning that every microbe that is in lactoferrin is because it has no iron in it, and it cannot expand or make a microfilm of its own, and layers upon layers are formed and this becomes the reason of the formation of pus. Our main research is about bloody stools which are because of e-coli, which is a special type of bacteria which forms into a human body.

The story was as such, in one of the famous restaurants in the United States about 6-7 years ago, in the well renowned chain restaurant Jack in the box,  many people died from bloody stools, thereafter a little bit of research was done and it was found that the reason for the bloody stools were the bacteria itself (e-coli). Although they exist on the bodies of human beings, but when they enter into the body through foods, the bacteria turns a humans stool into blood, when it enters orally into a humans system, the percentage of it being fatal is high. In Islam, the understanding of purity and impurity makes us very careful for correct worship, and we must be very wary and cautious, but the understanding of pure and impure in the west although it has importance, it does not enforce cleanliness. In this restaurant, it came to an alert that stool was transferred from the nails of the chef to meat that was being cooked, which eventually killed customers as if the chef of the restaurant was too busy to wash their hands after using the toilet!

The company that would distribute the meat in the state, gave my teacher a project to work on, that would eventually come to a conclusion that they would increase lactoferrin, so that even if microbes intrude, they wouldn’t have a chance to grow. The expense of this project was 15 million USD, and because my project was also about lactoferrin, I with five other persons started the work. Unfortunately the infiltration of lactoferrin and its effect changed, and it wasn’t possible to reach a stable substance to make it safe in front of the bacteria. We would activate the lactoferrin in the laboratory, and once we tested the PH levels and put it under a microscope, we found that lactoferrin normally destroyed the bacterias, but when we tested it on the meat, it would sometimes turn out successful and sometimes unsuccessful. I had tested on the samples, and I would get meat and would test them myself. One day I had accidentally gotten late, and I was forced to take Halal meat I had at home, which is performed under Islamic rules and guidelines and is slaughtered according to Islamic laws, when I came and tested this certain type of meat, I realized and I thought to myself astonished, that this meat is very different to the other meats that I tested, meaning that first of all when we placed these bacterias, the percentage of infiltration of the bacteria was very less, and even without the lactoferrin, the bacteria did not infiltrate into the halal meat. When we had washed the meat, there was absolutely nothing remaining on the meat, the controller of our experimental room, meaning every experimental room had a special solution, and that was controlled by water.

I saw for myself, that the bacteria wouldn’t penetrate into the Halal meat, and even if it did penetrate, it would be completely clean after washing it. Glory to Allah! Here I must point out that our laws in Islamic jurisprudence which regard purities and impurities, is because of these reasons. But now, because of substance issues, they use a lot of different types of sprays. But that same Islam, that had came across and said around 1400 years ago, that water and nothing but water is better than anything. When my teacher answered towards the experiment, he was very astonished and surprised, I said “today, there was a difference I bought halal meat instead”, and the doctor’s name was Narn Nayedi, an Indian doctor who achieved his doctorates in Sweden, who also became famous because of attaining certain microbiological proofs from the deaths of women who used special cleaning products, he had said to me that even though he is not Muslim, he would use halal meat. In the laboratory, some had questioned that what type of meat is that, which is super resistant to the infiltration of bacteria. Our teacher, who was leaving the hall, said “it is a type of meat that you would never experience bloody stools with!”

For me the reason of the resistant meat was very important to me, and the more interesting reason was this that, America’s meat organization spends 15 million dollars, just so that the person can create such a spray so that their meat can become resilient to such bacteria, what is unfortunate is that he himself knows that with halal meat, he wouldn’t have to create the spray, neither would America be spending so much money on just to create one, but the love for the money of this world keeps them blindfolded from the actual truth.

We come back to the first part; lactoferrin. The reason that lactoferrin works, is that because it attracts iron to itself, and that if iron does not exist, then the bacteria would not be able to grow. When we slaughter an animal, we first cut the jugular vein without touching the marrow, the jugular is cut, but then because the marrow has not been cut, the heart is still beating. As the heart is beating, the blood pours out of the body, as all of the blood is out there is no iron left in the meat, and this is the reason to why we don’t need lactoferrin to remove the iron from the meat, and because of not having iron, the blood doesn’t attract the bacteria, and even in highly unlikely chances if there are any, it is easily removed with plain water. Even though our teacher still did get the money and made the special spray, he had eventually brought halal meat, but for myself this point was very important, that Islam’s sensitivity towards the impurity of blood, is from this point of view that in every environment that is around us, we have hundreds if not thousands of different types of bacteria surrounding us that have a strong attraction towards iron, and when your hands bleed there is a possibility of attracting bacteria, because the iron level in our blood is high to a certain extent, this is also due to different smells, but if one pays attention to a hand that is bleeding, if it is washed with water it closes the way towards bacteria infiltration. I had spoken to Prof. Hasham Ibrahim about this research, god-willing it is printed, he had given advice that it would be better that if this would be under the supervision of a non-muslim teacher and if this would be continued until the whole of America would agree with this, in which we are working on slowly.

We had said that if blood exits the body, it could be subject to many impurities, but because we have a immune system inside our nose and mouth which protects us from all sorts of bacteria, and because our nose and mouth have special immunity towards bacteria, this blood that is inside our mouth and nose is declared as pure. Overall, many years ago when the pure Imam’s, may peace and blessings be upon them all, they couldn’t tell the people that your immune systems are consisted of such and such, but they did explain all the rules of impurity and purity, which are correct from a worship point of view and a cleanliness point of view.

A Person Who Is Fasting, Is not Allowed to Dive Lunge His Head into Water

All of our cells that are constantly swimming in our body are hydrophobes, meaning that they have a liking towards water, and that liquid in reality is a source of cleansing for the cells, by diving ones head into pure water, these cells attract them like a magnet thus water enters the body

Doges and Pigs Are Ritually Impure

From amongst the thousands of bacteria cells which surround us, we are only sensitive to a few of them. Those certain cells are viruses and bacteria which can attach to the cells within our body, because these bacteria’s are just like a puzzle, pieces of which only attach to the cells which are similar to them. Just like the virus which affects the tobacco plant does not affect you, however, in regards to animals being in contact with humans, there’s a possibility of change in the making of their bacteria which can result into our sickness. In regards to ritually impure animals, the similar form of change in the making of bacteria (as mentioned above) can be very quick. In addition, because of mutual reasons dogs and pigs have been declared ritually impure due to forming illnesses and bacteria, although I do emphasise again, this regard has a worship point of view that is prioritized over the cleanliness point of view.

Naturally it is originated from the laws of Islam, therefore, understanding all the terms of jurisprudence, it’s not possible because of the limited knowledge we have in this world in this era. It is stated in the Holy Quran, “Of knowledge it is only a little that is communicated to you”- (Surah Isra, Ayah No.85), with this existence, in regards to the reasons for the being mahram (confidant) of step-brothers with step-sisters, or the reasoning for the prohibition of alcohol and music, we have done biological research and study, and we have come to satisfactory conclusions.

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