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Saudi Sunni Cleric Curses Who Ordered Killing of Imam Hussain (as)

A Sunni Saudi cleric and Imam of the Quba Mosque, on the outskirt of the holy city of Medina, says all Islamic sects consider Hussain ibn Ali (A.S.) as an Imam and a martyr and curses all those who killed the third Shia Imam.

Islamic scholar Saleh bin Awad al Maghamsi made this remarks during a talk show at Saudi Arabia’s MBC channel. He said Shia brothers call Hussain ibn Ali as martyr Imam. Sheikh Maghamsi explained that no wise man in the Islamic ummah doubts that Hussain was an Imam because he owned all the goods needed to be an Imam, he owned all the Islamic science needed to be an Imam and he was a solemn, moderate man, he was an innocent martyr that was killed because of cruelty and injustice.

Saleh Al Maghamsi who is now the Imam of the first mosque established by the Prophet Mohammed in 622 AD added that may Allah curse those who killed Hussain, may Allah curse those who ordered his killing and may Allah curse those who paved the way for his killing.

Reports indicate many people on social media platforms have expressed their support for Sheikh Maghamsi’s remarks, saying those comments help Islamic sects close to each other and prevent hatred among Muslims.


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