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Rays of the Sun: 83 Stories from the Life of Imam Khomeini+PDF

This contains stories from the personal and public life of the great scholar and leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Includes stories about Imam Khomeini’s home life, his relationship with family members and with the public, his knowledge, his worship and his last days.

With the demise of Imam Khomeini on June 3rd, 1989, the world lost a great revolutionary and an unparalleled leader who awakened the Muslims, revived Islam and restored it to its pristine grandeur through his honorable and dignified life.

The Imam was a shining light in the history of Islam that continues to shine years after his demise. Millions flocked to his funeral; millions more have since congregated in mourning ceremonies and processions all over the world to pray tribute to him.

Much has been written about Imam Khomeini as a political and spiritual leader of the Islamic Revolution. However, the aim of this book is to give the reader an insight into Imam Khomeini’s personal life, the man behind the scenes.

He was a perfect archetype of a complete Muslim in every facet of life. Indeed, this was a man who appealed to all levels of society and all backgrounds, especially the oppressed peoples of South Africa, Iraq and Palestine.

It is hoped, God Willing, that this compilation will be a great source of inspiration and benefit for readers from all creeds and backgrounds.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Rays of the Sun: 83 Stories from the Life of Imam Khomeini

Translator(s): Shahin & Abbas Mirali

Publisher: Foundation of the Representation of the Office of

 Language: English

Length: 62

ISBN: 978-1519106209

Pub. Date: 2012/12/29

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