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Imam Khomeini and the Muslim World+PDF

The present collection has been provided and compiled with the goal of presenting a general plan from the ideals, issues, and problems of the Muslim World and difficulties of the Islamic states, nations and revealing the schemes, plots of the superpowers against the Muslims.

The miraculous victory of the revolutionary movement of the people of Iran by the wisely leadership of Hadrat Imām ( r) in the most sensitive political focal point of the world and the immediate dissemination of the deliberating message of the Islamic revolution to the entire world shook the restful and quiet camp of the world’s arrogant powers and oppressors and disturbed the languishing asleep of the West from victory over the Muslims after the lengthy period of the Crusades and collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The divine and unseen gift of the Islamic revolution which in the interpretation of its founder was distinct from all revolutions of the world in appearance, motivations, and the quality of struggle, 2 rolled up quickly the geographical and certain faiths borders based on the mankind schools of the world and presented the deserted and forgotten “ global” and “ political” dimensions of Islam to the world. Occurrence of this incident at the heart of the government domain and the imperialistic dominance of the West in the Middle East was messenger of the severance of the imperialism’s hand from
the great and overflowing resources of the Muslim countries and reappearance of the Muslims’ dignity and grandeur in the contemporary world. Thenceforth, the Islam heralding the man’s deliverance from the yoke of imperialists, the political Islam and the Muslim world awakened of the revolutionary movement of the Imām ( r) was taken under the considerations and decision- makings of the imperialistic states and global superpowers. 1:The Ummah: the entire Islamic community without territorial or ethnic distinction.2 Imām Khomeinī, Was  iyyatnāmeh ( The Last Message).hostile approach of the West toward Islam was born of the awakening and anti- oppression nature of Islam introduced by Hadrat Imām. In his interpretation: They have studied the Qur’an, they have studied the religion of Islam and have discovered that the Qur’an is such a book that if Muslims follow its teachings closely, they will deliver a punch to those people who want to come and dominate them. The wide- range efforts undertaken by the West in unreal bind of Islam with terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, violence, war and bloodshed, and introducing Islam as the main factor of intimidation for the world peace and security ( Green Intimidation) and direct and all- out struggle with the Muslims ( in cultural, political, social, and military dimensions) is indicative of the profound effect of the Imām Khomeinī’s movement throughout the world as well as the superpowers’ feel of danger from the spread and expansion of this idea in the other Islamic societies. In proportionate with this approach, the necessity for serious attention of the Muslims and scientific and political elites of the Islamic societies, in all levels, to the subject of the “ Muslim World” is proved. According to many documents driven from the Hadrat Imām’s works and statements, the subject of Muslim world, difficulties of the Islamic states, nations, revealing the schemes, plots of the superpowers against the Muslims, plundering and looting the Muslim countries’ wealth and resources is from among the most major involvements of Imām ( r) during his blessed life. His repeated advices and instructions to the internal and external officials and elites on the attention to tangled issues and problems of the Muslim world more than before and determining its real position in the political transformations and equations of the world is indicative of the particular status of the Muslim ummah in the Imām’s thought. With regard to the Imām’s thoughts, examining the subject of Muslim World and devising its different thoughts,aspects needs extensive research and study, which requires a scope of activity more extensive than this collection and an opportunity superior than that. Meanwhile, this is not at all a cause for lack of examining this issue. As such, the present collection has been provided and compiled with the goal of presenting a general plan from the ideals, issues and problems of the Muslim World.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Imam Khomeini And The Muslim World

Translator: Mansur Limba

Publisher: The Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imām Khomeinī’s Works

 Language: English


ISBN: 978-9643358310

Pub. Date: 2014/05/17

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