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Islamic Law Regarding Pork +PDF

This book concludes some questions and answers according to Islamic law and it’s view about pork and looking at effects and diseases which come after eating and consuming it.

To the Jews swine’s flesh was abominable, the pig was the emblem of filth and coarseness. Yet pork found entrance to the idolatrous feasts of degenerate Hebrews. In the reign of Antiochus Epiphanes the command to a Jew to offer or to taste swine’s flesh was used as a means of determining whether he was loyal to the religion of his fathers or was willing to accept the worship favoured by his conquerers.

But many Jews affected Grecian manners, and John Hyrcanus found it advisable to issue an edict that no one should keep swine. In the time of Christ one large herd of swine at least was pastured in the Decapelis, a region colonized by Greks, among whom the swine was highly esteemed as an article of food.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Islamic Law Regarding Pork

Author: Sayyed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

Publisher: alhassanain.org

 Language: English

Length: 19

Pub. Date: 2014/05/14

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