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Islamic Law in the Indian Ocean World: Texts, Ideas and Practices

This book explores the ways in which Muslim communities across the Indian Ocean world produced and shaped Islamic law and its texts, ideas and practices in their local, regional, imperial, national and transregional contexts.

With a focus on the production and transmission of Islamic law in the Indian Ocean, the chapters in this book draw from and add to recent discourses on the legal histories and anthropologies of the Indian Ocean rim as well as to the conversations on global Islamic circulations. By doing so, this book argues for the importance of Islamic legal thoughts and practices of the so-called “peripheries” to the core and kernel of Islamic traditions and the urgency of addressing their long-existing role in the making of the historical and human experience of the religion. Islamic law was and is not merely brought to, but also produced in the Indian Ocean world through constant and critical engagements. The book takes a long-term and transregional perspective for a better understanding of the ways in which the oceanic Muslims have historically developed their religious, juridical and intellectual traditions and continue to shape their lives within the frameworks of their religion.

Transregional and transdisciplinary in its approach, this book will be of interest to scholars of Islamic Studies, Indian Ocean Studies, Legal History and Legal Anthropology, Area Studies of South and Southeast Asia and East Africa.

About the Editors

Mahmood Kooria is affiliated with Leiden University, the Netherlands, and Ashoka University, India. He read his PhD at the Leiden University Institute for History in 2016 and is the author of Islamic Law in Circulation: Shāfiʿī Texts across the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean (forthcoming) and co-editor of Malabar in the Indian Ocean World (2018).

Sanne Ravensbergen is a cultural historian of law and colonialism. She is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for History at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Her research focuses on mixed courts and the material culture of law making in nineteenth and twentieth century Indonesia.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Islamic Law in the Indian Ocean World: Texts, Ideas and Practices

Editor(s): Mahmood Kooria & Sanne Ravensbergen


Length: 208 pages

ISBN: 9781032015514

Pub. Date: September 23, 2021

Islamic Law in the Indian Ocean World Texts, Ideas and Practices

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