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Former UN Representative Praised Ayatollah Sistani

Yan Kubish, the representative of the UN Secretary General in Iraq, issued an emotional message to the people of Iraq on the occasion of the end of his mission in Iraq and being optimistic about the future of the country.

“The situation in Iraq has recovered and the current Iraqi government will achieve great success and will lead Iraq to prosperity and stability,” Kubish said in his statement.

In his letter, Kubish praised Grand Ayatollah Sistani and wrote: I am grateful to the Grand Ayatollah Sistani, who always gives positive recommendations for the future of Iraq and its people.

The former UN envoy to Iraq affairs stressed that “I recall the memories of the past four years, and I understand that it was not easy for me and not for Iraq. When I arrived in Iraq in 2015, one third of the country’s territory was occupied by ISIL’s brutal and terrorist group, and people were worried about their future, while nearly 3 million displaced people and refugees left their territories. And people from all over the country, especially the Southern provinces, were mobilized to protect the country.

Referring to the brilliant future of Iraq, he added that “Iraq has now returned to its correct position and has developed its relations with all countries and has returned to its correct position as a strong partner in the international community.

At the end of his emotional message, Kubish wrote for Iraqi people that “I once again praise all Iraqis, especially my colleagues in the United Nations, the Iraqi people, and all the forces in Iraq who helped me, and I especially appreciate Ayatollah Sistani, who always gives positive advice and recommendations to the Iraqi people.”


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