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Dar al-‘Ilm Seminary Opens in Najaf +Pics

The Dar al-ilm project was originally a religious seminary founded by the late Grand Ayatollah Khoei in 1973 in Najaf. The former Iraqi regime demolished the seminary in 1990 which is the basis of this new project that has been re-established on a land area of 3320m from the shrine of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as). The land consisted of 16 residential properties that were purchased by Ayatollah Khoei during his lifetime.


The dar al-ilm project consists of:
– a hawza seminary with 40 various sized classrooms for students.
– an academy for interfaith studies and dialogue.
– a library located on 2 underground levels with capacity for 1 million and a half books, 24 rooms dedicated for visiting researchers, and special reading areas for women, children, and disabled people.
– a prayer hall (850 m²) with a capacity of 800 worshippers.
– 2 conference halls each with a capacity of 700 people.
– 10 guest rooms for visiting professors and hawza scholars.
– student dormitory: 300 rooms for resident students.
– a studio for the production of religious and cultural programmes.
– an observatory.
– Najaf seminary museum.
– a kitchen with a dining facilities for 400 people.
– 9 elevators, enclosed lounge area and garden, facilities areas for central cooling/heating, backup power generators, electronic services, and a gym.
– a special gravesite for Najafs scholars and marjas.


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