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April, 2019

  • 23 April

    20 Books and Articles about Imam Mahdi (as) +PDFs

    What follows are twenty books and articles about the life of Shia twelve Imam, the Imam of the Age, Hjjat Ibn al-Hassan al-Askari peace be upon him...

  • 20 April

    Video: World Powers VS Imam Mahdi

    This religion is a revolution that belongs to you! If the people knew the beauty of the words of the Ahlulbayt (A), they would follow them. The only barrier between them and a better world is...

  • 19 April

    Shiʻi Treasures in North American and European Libraries

    This communication, Shiʻi Treasures in North American and European Libraries: A Zaydī Multitext Manuscript from the Glaser Collection, provides an expanded description of the contents of a Yemeni codex from the...

  • 19 April

    Fast of the Month of Ramadan: Philosophy and Ahkam +PDF

    This text includes fasting in history, benefits of fasting, types of fasts, and the Prophet's preaching on Ramadhan. Also includes other...

  • 19 April

    A Summary of Ruling +PDF

    This book is the English translation of the Risalat al-Fiqh (text of Islamic Laws) of Grand Ayatollah Nasir Makarem Shirazi, with a helpful addition of a glossary of Arabic terms appended at the end for the...

  • 16 April

    Book: Fasting: A Haven from Hellfire

    This booklet is an abstract of the rules of fasting. It is extracted from a collection of studies, books and edicts written is accordance with the constructs followed by the Supreme Religious Authority, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani...

  • 16 April

    Imam Sadiq’s Jurisprudence +PDF

    ‘Fiqh al-Imam al-Sadiq’ is an example of dynamic jurisprudence and it illustrates how fiqh evolves through the times. Books of this caliber that touch...

  • 16 April

    The Ritual and Spiritual Purity +PDF

    This book is an important guide for Muslims which is explaining the rules and spiritual significance of Najasat and...

  • 14 April

    Simplified Islamic Laws for Young Adults +PDF

    Every action that a person performs has a specific ruling in Islam. The various actions that we perform, which are related to our responsibility (to Allah) are divided into five categories: Wajib, Haram, Mustahab, Makruh, and...

  • 14 April

    Rights Of Women In Islam +PDF

    This book outlines general rights of women with special emphasis to marriage. Some of the areas covered are marriage proposal, engagement, temporary marriage, modernity, dowry, inheritance, divorce, and...

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