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November, 2020

  • 24 November

    Book: The Basics of Islamic Jurisprudence

    The Islamic legal system organizes people’s lives in all dimensions, individual or social. This system is called 'al-ahkām al-shar‛īyyah'. Islamic jurisprudence explains this system and is one if the deepest and....

  • 7 November

    Book: Building a Successful Relationship: The Heavenly Path

    The book takes a detailed look at the cornerstone of society - the relationship between a man and a woman - throughout all the potential phases: the early years of marriage, marriage after children, and marriage after an...

  • 2 November

    Book: Lessons from the Holy Prophet of Islam (S)

    The present work is a collection of excerpts from Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei’s statements about the personality, characteristics and Be’that of the Holy Prophet of Islam...

October, 2020

September, 2020

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