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June, 2017

  • 12 June

    Islamic Finance: Instruments and Markets+PDF

    Islamic Finance: Instruments and Markets looks at the application of Sharia law to the world of banking and finance. It provides you with an understanding of the rationale behind the instruments and...

  • 8 June

    Handbook on Islam and Economic Life

    This volume presents carefully selected research by reputed scholars on diverse topics dealing with the economic life of Muslims. The book provides a perspective not only on key aspects of the moral economy but also on the behaviour and expectations of...

  • 8 June

    Book: Halal Matters: Islam, Politics and Markets in Global Perspective

    Easily the most authoritative study of the subject, this collection of essays on halal, an ostensibly ritual designation and practice, allows us to see how it becomes the crucial category by which Muslim subjects and markets around the world are both created and...

  • 8 June

    Book: Contemporary Islamic Law in Indonesia: Sharia and Legal Pluralism

    Arskal Salim’s Contemporary Islamic Law in Indonesia offers a rich and interesting ethnographic study that looks into a number of relevant questions not only in Aceh, but also in other parts of the archipelago and religiously plural societies more...

May, 2017

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