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July, 2017

  • 7 July

    Book: Islamic Divorces in Europe

    This study evolved out of the conflicts that occur because of the – historically, religiously and culturally-determined – differences in the modes of establishment, procedures and forms of divorce when the recognition policies of European states collide with Islamic...

  • 3 July

    Book: Islamic Property Law

    The book “Islamic Property Law: Cases and Materials for Comparative Analysis with the Common Law” is the first casebook of its kind to offer Islamic law training to American law students in the...

  • 1 July

    Book: Islamic Law and Practice Procedure in Nigerian Courts

    Islamic Law and Practice Procedure in Nigerian Courts is about the rules of practice, procedure and evidence in trials of civil and criminal cases before Area Courts, Sharia Courts, Upper Area Courts, Upper Sharia Courts, Sharia Courts of Appeal, Court of...

  • 1 July

    Book: Islamic Law and Transnational Diplomatic Law

    This book, in its effort to formulate compatibility between Islamic law and the principles of international diplomatic law, argues that the need to harmonize the two legal systems and have a thorough cross-cultural understanding amongst nations generally with a...

June, 2017

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