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Book: Shia’ism In Sunni’ism (Shia Islam in Sunni Books)

The purpose of this book is to prove Imamate via Nass and mostly traditions narrated by the Sunnis and is organized in such a way to be helpful for most people.

Imamate and leadership are among the significant issues of which every Muslim should have a clear understanding and to which should recognize his/her responsibility. Imamate is a subject to which the Holy Prophet has paid special attention. The Prophet has mentioned it frequently in his speeches and it has been discussed in various times and places and in different ways. Its significance is to such an extent that according to traditions, agreed upon by the Shia and the Sunni—some of which will follow—the great Prophet of Islam (a.s) warned sharply: “One who dies without knowing the Imam of his age dies as a pagan,” and hence will be raised beside apostates and disbelievers on the Resurrection Day. Moreover, the Muslim community would have naturally faced this issue after the tragic demise of the Holy Prophet (a.s), since the question then was that who would be the Prophet’s successor and how the Muslims’ affairs should be managed. Therefore, seeking and finding the truth about Imamate, unscathed by pagan bias, is an inevitable necessity for the Muslims. Discussions on Imamate are presented in three main ways, each having its own characteristics.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Shia’ism In Sunni’ism (Shia Islam in Sunni Books)

Author: Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Reza Modaressi Yazdi

Translator: Hamideh Elahinia

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications, Qom

 Language: English

Length: 256 pages

ISBN: 964-438-446-6

Pub. Date: 2013

Shia’ism In Sunni’ism (Shia Islam in Sunni Books)

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