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August, 2018

July, 2018

June, 2018

  • 28 June

    82 Questions by AbdulHussain Dastgheyb +PDF

    This text attempts to answer modern challenges to Islamic positions; it begins with an exposition of the five Usool-e-deen (roots of religion) and continues by giving answers from the...

November, 2017

  • 29 November

    Imam Mahdi’s (AS) Youthful Appearance despite Lengthy Life

    According to the authentic narrations, Imam Mahdi (AS) will reappear as a young man, despite having lived for over a thousand years. So how can this be? How is it possible to live for such a long period? And how can he live long yet not age physically?...

September, 2017

  • 24 September

    Karbala, the Manifistation of Fiqh in Imam’s Behavior

    Hajj and jihad are Jurisprudential (Fiqhi) issues such as fasting and praying. When in the words of infallible imams (A.S) these four issues of Fiqh and worship are connected to the central axis of Welaya, that axis will also be based on the rule of...

September, 2016

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