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Book: Jesus (a) through the Qur’an and Shiʻite Narrations

What is offered here is a fairly comprehensive selection of the ayat (signs) of the Noble Quran and narrations pertaining to Jesus said to have been reported by the Shia Imams, peace be with them.

It is generally admitted, even by the most orthodox religious scholars, that not everything reported in this literature is authentic, and the science of hadith has been developed precisely for the purpose of sorting through the narrations and evaluating their strength. No attempt has been made in what follows to select only hadiths considered reliable. The narrations selected provide an overview of what various reporters of hadiths have claimed that the Imams and the Prophet have said about Jesus. At the same time, we cannot claim that our selection exhausts all such narrations. Sometimes we have found several reports that differ only in some insignificant details, in which case we have generally selected the most complete form of the report. Also omitted are reports in which Jesus is mentioned only incidentally, although where such incidental mention seemed interesting to us, we have provided the excerpt from the hadith. The isnd, or chains of transmission that accompany the reports, have been omitted from the English translations since they would only be of use to those who have fluency in Arabic, and the Arabic is provided with the chains of transmission.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Jesus through the Qur’an and Shiʻite Narrations

Author: Mahdi Muntazir al-Qaim

Translator: Muhammad Legenhausen

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications

 Language: English

Length: 480 pages

ISBN: 978-964-219-0591

Pub. Date: 2009

Jesus through the Qur’an and Shi’ite Narrations

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