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  • 26 December

    Prophet Jesus (p) in Islamic Tradition

    Like in Christianity, Muslims also believe that the birth of Jesus (p) was a miraculous one—as he was only born to a mother without a father, and his mother Mary (p) was a...

  • 25 December

    Muslims and Christians Celebrate Christmas Together

    Just alike Christians, Muslims believe that God gifted Jesus with the ability to bring the dead back to life, heal the leper and bring sight back to the blind and they believe that Jesus Christ (PBUH) will return to...

  • 25 December

    Ancient Prophet for a Modern World-The True Story of Jesus (P)

    The story of the birth of Jesus is so eloquently and passionately described in Chapter Nineteen (Surah Maryam) of the holy Quran that it brings one to tears. There are approximately ninety Ayaat spread across fifteen Surahs of the...