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Your Questions Answered Vol. IV+PDF

This book includes many questions and answers which are related to Islam and Islamic law and religions and Muslims and Shia and many other burning and considerable questions and answers.

The fourth volume in this series contains answers to 105 questions, most of which were asked during the period April 1975 to June, 1978. When the third volume was compiled, it was noticed that it had become somewhat bulkier than the previous volumes. It was therefore, decided to omit subjects dealing with Taharah, Prayer and Fast. More important questions relating to these themes have now been incorporated in the present volume. This series is published for the benefit of our Shi’a Ithna ‘ashari youths.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Your Questions Answered Vol. IV

Author: Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

Publisher: Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania

 Language: English

Length: 54

Pub. Date:  2014/04/23

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