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April, 2019

  • 16 April

    Imam Sadiq’s Jurisprudence +PDF

    ‘Fiqh al-Imam al-Sadiq’ is an example of dynamic jurisprudence and it illustrates how fiqh evolves through the times. Books of this caliber that touch...

July, 2018

  • 8 July

    Islamic Law According to Five Schools of Jurisprudence +PDF

    Islamic Law According to Five Schools of Jurisprudence- Maliki, Hanafi, Hanbali, Shafi`i, and Ja`fari madhhabs- is a compilation of legal opinions of scholars from these schools of thought concerning, family, property, inheritance, and...

June, 2018

May, 2018

  • 17 May

    Minority Rights According to the Law of the Tribute Agreement+PDF

    The writer, considering the concepts of the International Law from an Islamic view-point, thoroughly deals with the question of religious...

  • 17 May

    Islamic Laws of Computer and Internet+PDF

    This book aims to answer some questions about using the Internet and some other related issues . It pours into progressively advanced scientific field...

  • 17 May

    How to Pray+PDF

    This short book explains how to perform a perfect salat (prayer) and how is a perfect Ghusl (Ritual Bath) and Tayammum (Ablution by Earth ) and teaches some...

  • 16 May

    Tahrir al-Wasilah by Imam Khomeini+PDF

    The present English translation of Imam Khomeini’s well- known book: “Tahrir al- Vasila” consisting of his juristic verdicts, occupies an important place in the program for...

  • 16 May

    Taqleed and Ijtihad+PDF

    This book is a detailed discussion and analysis of Taqleed and Ijtihad and jurisprudence in the light of the Holy Qur'an and traditions. Also...