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Who Is The Law Maker+PDF

This study aims to provide a clear vision and present in its true perspective the thought and position of the Muslim individual about the law and the law maker.

In this brief study we will try to throw light on certain aspects of law‐making and explain some  of its dimensions as follows:

A Definition of Law.

A Definition of Law-maker.

Islam: The universal Legislation for mankind.

Stages of the existence of Law.

An Evaluation of Islamic Law and Secular Law.

We hope that this study would provide a clear vision to humanity and present in its true perspective the thought and position of the Muslim individual, who unfortunately due to the distortions made by materialistic imperialism has started begging and borrowing alien ideas, thoughts, principles and systems, in gross violation of truth discharged by reality, so beautifully explained by the glorious Qur’an. We sincerely hope Islam will enable mankind to return to Allah’s straight path and His Divine Laws, the clue to a peaceful life full of harmony, virtue and happiness.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Who Is The Law Maker



 Language: English

Length: 26


Pub. Date: 2014/05/10

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