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  • 14 April

    Simplified Islamic Laws for Young Adults +PDF

    Every action that a person performs has a specific ruling in Islam. The various actions that we perform, which are related to our responsibility (to Allah) are divided into five categories: Wajib, Haram, Mustahab, Makruh, and...

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  • 14 August

    How Raising Confident Young Muslim Women?

    Young Muslim women, growing up in the West are, for the most part, encouraged to study, work hard, and develop careers to gain financial independence and contribute their skills to society...

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August, 2017

  • 22 August

    The Youth and Sexual Perversions

    We know that youth is a period of “crisis” of instincts, specially “sexual instinct”. If this instinct is not guided properly, it would have the worst stroke on the felicity and happiness of the youths. Their creative powers will be spoiled like unopened buds, and their ingenuity and innovation which ...

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