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A Helpline Launched to Help Muslim Parents of Troubled Youths

Trained counsellors are setting up the first helpline for parents of troubled Muslim youths to combat bullying, drinking and drug abuse and even radicalisation.

This phone service and website launched to help parents of troubled Muslim youths to prevent them from becoming radicalised.

The helpline, which will operate from 9am to midnight, was set up by Kuranda Seyit to help parents guide their children through issues faced in society.

Accompanied by the website Islamicare.org.au, trained Muslim counsellors will offer a specific service to help support families and children in difficult times.

Mr Seyit said what makes this helpline special is the operators will not only have training but the resources to refer on children to services and intervene if needed.

‘This is unique,’ Mr Seyit told said.

‘We have so many issues now facing our youth, and it’s easy to blame parents but they need support, they need the tools and encouragement to deal with their children in a pragmatic and rational way.’

The website Islamicare describes the helpline as the ‘first port of call’ for parents to directly speak to professionals.

‘It is designed for PARENTS who are having trouble getting through to their children and don’t know what to do,’ it reads.

‘Sometimes you have religious questions, or you might need some support about how to deal with your son or daughter, our counselors can help.

‘If you are a young Muslim who needs support, don’t hesitate you can also use this website, our counselors are trained to help with youth issues as well or we can refer you to another helpful service.’

The helpline can be reached seven days a week on 1800 960 009 or the website is Islamicare.org.au.

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