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  • 16 May

    Tahrir al-Wasilah by Imam Khomeini+PDF

    The present English translation of Imam Khomeini’s well- known book: “Tahrir al- Vasila” consisting of his juristic verdicts, occupies an important place in the program for...

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  • 2 February

    Three Reasons why the Islamic Revolution of Iran Was a Miracle

    For 25 years, millions of Iranians were held hostage by the United States. That’s right: from August 19, 1953 to February 1, 1979—9,037 days in all—over 17 million Iranians were essentially hostages of the ṭaghut (evil, corrupt and deviant) government of the United States. That these hostages managed to free themselves from U.S. oppression due to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran is indeed a miracle...

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