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Prophet Muhammad’s Covenant to the Christians of Najran

The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad is a useful source for all those interested in the cultural and religious history of the Muslim world and the cultural relationship between Islam and Christianity. It will be very helpful in strengthening tolerance, goodwill, and better understanding between different civilizations; and it opens new horizons for further studies.”

Following the agreement reached at the end of the Mubahala, the Prophet decided to write a covenant to regulate the relationship between the Muslims and the Christians so it would remain valid for all time to come. This covenant is very important because it reflects Islam’s respect for other religions, something which many Muslims nowadays need to learn, particularly the fanatical Wahhabis and Salafis of the world who are funded and supported by Saudi Arabia and all Gulf countries. These Wahhabis and Salafis have given the world the worst impression about Islam.

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