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Islamic Jurisprudence: Shāfiʻī’s Risāla +PDF

This book is an important and long-standing text on Islamic law from a foundational author, This is an important book for any scholar of religion, law, or society.

The Muslim world today is facing a problem of legislation not unlike that which faced it in the first two centuries of its existence. During that time Islam expanded rapidly and absorbed new elements of culture and tradition. As a result, the Muslim world abounded in legal doctrines, the advocates of each vying for supremacy over the others. It was Shafi’i who provided in the ninth century of the Christian era a systematic legal method by which to synthesize the various legal doctrines into a coherent system. A thorough study of that system will explain how legal problems. were resolved in the formative period as well as the approach and the method of reasoning employed in their solution. It is impossible to understand the implications and the trends in modern Islamic legal reforms without an appreciation of the nature and development of classical Islamic jurisprudence. This book is An important and long-standing text on Islamic law. From a foundational author, This is an important book for any scholar of religion, law, or society.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Islamic jurisprudence : Shāfiʻī’s Risāla

Author: Muhammad Ibn Idris al-Shafei

Translator: Majid Khadduri

Publisher: John Hopkins Press

 Language: English

Length: 393

ISBN: 978-0801803338

Pub. Date:  2012/12/26

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