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In Defence of Islamic Laws+PDF

This book contains the text of three memoranda submitted by the author to the Kenyan government in response to a request by the government seeking clarification on issues of the laws of matrimony, succession, and hijab in the Shi’a faith.

The Tanzania government now wishes to enact Law of Succession, which would give to women shares equal to that of men. When the Muslim scholars (not Bakwata) raised their voices against it, the then President His Excellency Al-Haj Ali Hassan Mwinyi, assured them that the idea was not to change the Muslims’ law, but to bestow right of inheritance on those women who have no such rights at all—rather they themselves are treated as items of inheritance. Meanwhile, in 1990, various Muslim associations (other than Bakwata) began a campaign for the Muslim girls to be allowed to use hij’ab in schools. Their representatives met several times, and based on their discussions, I wrote a Memorandum on Hij’ab and succession, which was ultimately presented to the President Al-Haj Ali Hassan Mwinyi. It is included in this booklet as the 4th Memorandum. It is gratifying to note that the President announced in a public speech on 10/8/1995 that Muslim girls were now allowed to wear hij’ab in schools; and the Acting Commissioner of Education issued a directive to this effect to educational institutions, the original of which may be seen on the next page, and its English translation is given at the end of the book. The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania feels that these Memoranda contain clear arguments to prove that the Islamic Laws, emanating from the Divine Wisdom, cannot be changed; and that the Islamic jurisprudence is the only system which can promulgate justice and fair play in a society. It is for this reason that the Mission has decided to publish the four Memoranda together in this booklet.

Bibliographic Information

Title: In Defence of Islamic Laws

Author:    Sayyهd Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

Publisher:  Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania

 Language: English

Length: 30

ISBN:  9988-620-061

Pub. Date: 2007/03/21

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