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  • 5 November

    Book: Shiʻi Islam, An Introduction

    In this book, the writer hopes to shed light on the some of the questions that likely motivated a reader to pick it up in the first place: What are the differences between a Shiʻi and a Sunni Muslim? How did these differences develop over time in...

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  • 7 July

    Shia as Internal Others: A Salafi Rejection of the ‘Rejecters’ +PDF

    Conflict and polemic between Sunni Muslims and Shiites have a long history. In the contemporary era, this polemic has been accentuated by the conflictual situation in the Middle East, and it is also colouring the minority Muslim...

  • 2 July

    Book: Wahhabis Fitna Exposed +PDF

    This text is a detailed and well-referenced reply to the booklet “What is Shi’aism?” which has been printed in Nairobi and distributed throughout East Africa by the Wahhabis, in order to...