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Halal Supply Chain Management Training: Issues and Challenges

Nowadays, in order to make fast entry into the global halal market, the human resource that is capable of facilitating knowledge and expertise is principally important. Deriving from this factor, Malaysia has started to invest heavily on programs to enhance its human resource in the field.

This literary paper focuses on issues and challenges of trainings for the halal industry. The needs for halal professional increase drastically after the introduction of Malaysian Halal Certification which lead to the demand for certified and competent halal executives and halal committee members. Halal training is important for human resource development for the halal industry. However, there are several numbers of issues and challenges that needs to address in order to ensure the development of human capital meets the jobs demand in halal industry. As consumers and as manufacturers for halal products, we must have adequate education and knowledge in halal matters so that we could understand the problems and issues; and to formulate relevant solutions to assist the halal industry. It is hoped that this paper will provide a clear understanding and insight on the various challenges in managing effective halal training and development. Literature shows that education is an important element to increase individual knowledge and skills. Appropriate trainings on halal management will ensure that the levels of knowledge and skills are meeting the halal and human capital standards among the halal industry players. The paper is part of the literature review of a doctoral study and its significance shall serve as a reference for the government halal authority, training providers, higher institutions and researcher towards halal human capital development implementation in Malaysia.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Halal Supply Chain Management Training: Issues and Challenges

Authors: Hanini Ilyana Che Hashim and Sariwati Mohd Mohd Shariff

Published in: Procedia Economics and Finance, Volume 37, 2016

 Language: English

Length: 7 pages

Halal Supply Chain Management Training: Issues and Challenges

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