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Fixed and Variable Aspects of Islamic Legislation +PDF

This text evaluates and analyzes the temporary and permanent natures of Islamic rules. So, first of all, the subject of law has been explained from the viewpoint of western and Islamic thought. Then, the authorities and sources of Islamic legislation are explained.

Islam has began to force its way through our contemporary world both on the plane of thought extending over an area which, until recently, was under the influence of the objective movements, and on the plane of practical situations here and there, in a number of positions. This renewed vigour is exhibited through political, economic, social and educational applications.

Thus, mankind is having a rendezvous with a new experience that forcefully presents itself on the international scene despite all efforts to hinder and contain it. There is the hope that this new pioneer will blossom and take root so that it can contribute in rescuing the international community from the yoke of the strangling oppression that encircles it from all quarters.

However, a number of questions and doubts are raised in regard to the ability and the extent to which Islam can go in solving the current problems of life, with the complexities and challenges associated with contemporary conditions. Can Islam furnish us with beneficial prescriptions at a time when other ideologies have retreated, failing to cure the ills of contemporary man? These ideologies have indeed failed to solve even partially the woes and incurable diseases threatening the human civilization; in truth even contributing in perpetrating these evils.

Despite these potent realities, doubts on the ability and appropriateness of the rising Islamic project are raised especially from the vestiges of westernization and secularization which are clinging to their last stronghold in Islamic countries, let alone some neo-colonial circles harping on this biased claim whenever they feel the increase of the Islamic “threat”. It is unfortunate that some Muslims are involved in creating this confusion.

Sometimes they present it innocently, not knowing the implications, and some other times under the guise of scientific investigation or objective research or even in the name of Islamic enthusiasm! These presentations are issued in apparently neutral language and methods although, in essence, they are only repeating the words of vengeful orientalists. A keen eye would never miss this fact.

These poisoned views aside, any objective scientific investigation will definitely conclude that the immortality of Islam confirms its greatness which, in turn, is derived from the fact that it is a Divine Message sent as a mercy for the whole of humanity: “And We did not send you (O Muhammad) except as a mercy for the worlds”, suitable for all times, “This day have I completed your religion for you, completed my favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.”

The deluge of the fall of materialistic ideologies ushered in a period of decline in western civilization. This is no longer a secret since hardly a day will pass without hearing some leaders, of thoughts from the West, sounding a warning on the consequences of a headlong fall to which this civilization is hastening.

Thus, there is no choice left for mankind after being tortured and threatened with imminent disaster except to resort to the only means of salvation, Islam, which possesses the key solution and the way out of this dangerous strait. This is so, because Islam has a distinction not seen in other ideologies; a dynamic feature amenable to renewal and openness and capable of combining established truths and renewed legislation opened to the facts of life. Therefore, Islam will never lack the ability to care for the spiritual needs of man, on the one hand, and fully grasp the civilizational changes that take place in the course of human development, on the other.

Because of our having a strong belief in the necessity of spreading this clear understanding of the nature of Islamic legislation, Al-Balagh Foundation has decided to publish this book, which is small in size, but rich in content. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
Al-Balagh Foundation

Bibliographic Information

Title: Fixed and variable aspects of Islamic legislation

Author:  AlBalagh Foundation

Publisher:  AlBalagh Foundation

 Language: English

Length: 57

ISBN:  964-402-107-X

Pub. Date:  2012/12/18

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