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eHawza International Islamic School of Theology

eHawza is an electronic Hawza program (Islamic Seminary) in the English language.

eHawza utilizes modern technology to deliver Islamic Studies all around the world. eHawza was founded and launched by Dr Sheikh Mansour Leghaei in Sydney in 2001. Islamic Studies in your own home eHawza has revolutionized how students can access and further themselves in Islamic Studies. Traditionally, a student wishing to pursue higher Islamic study would have to travel to somewhere in the Middle East and join an Islamic Seminary. In this age of technology, eHawza delivers a content-rich Hawza study with the touch of a button at your fingertips. As long as you have internet connection eHawza is with you. Expand your horizons in Islamic Studies in the comfort zone of your choice at your own pace. eHawza International Islamic School of Theology aims at providing unique yet concise academic Islamic Studies according to the teachings of the noble Ahlulbayt (AS) of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) through comprehensive research and study to benefit the Muslim community worldwide through modern technology. eHawza’s vision is to see all English speaking Muslims educated about Islam in an academic way at least to the level of our diploma. The Founder Better known as Sheikh Mansour or even SML, he is currently residing in Iran delivering lectures all around the world through the abundant online technology available. Since 1997 he was the co-founder and Religious Director of the Imam Husain Islamic Center located in Sydney, Australia where eHawza was launched in 2001. Sheikh Mansour is well known for his expertise in Islamic Theosophy and Mysticism of which his many courses are available. His extensive studies in the Islamic Seminary – Ph.D. in Islamic Theosophy – in Qom set a solid foundation for eHawza students to capitalize on. With the wide range of Islamic subjects and topics guarantee a strong foundation in Islamic Studies and Sciences. Sheikh Mansour was born in 1962 in Abadan, Iran. Sheikh Mansour was posted to Australia in February 1994. Since then, with English being his third language, he has achieved success in delivering academic lectures and courses to reach the English speaking generations of Australians. Dr Leghaei has publications on various topics and his works are available in Farsi, Arabic and English.

Sheikh Mansour’s works are available in the online library and also at

Contacts: Address: Imam Husain Islamic Centre, 6 Lang Road, Earlwood NSW 2206, Australia


E-Mail (Administration & General Enquiries): E-Mail (H. Mansour Leghaei): E-Mail (IT & Technical Support): Website:

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  1. Great post. How can I enrol in this? Can you post a link for signing up?

  2. In the modern era, reform-minded thinkers have emerged to re-establish and reform Islamic law and its interpretations. They have re-opened the gates of Enough knowledge of Arabic so that the scholar can read and understand both the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

    • “re-establish and reform Islamic law”

      Sorry, but Islam isn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing. If you don’t like the rules, it’s probably YOU who needs to reform.

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