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Book: Un-Canadian: Islamophobia in the True North

Un-Canadian: Islamophobia in the True North is a provocative warning to Canadians that the values they cherish are being eroded through a disturbing pattern of political, legal and social prejudice against Muslims.

Even to the most politically-engaged Canadians, when these instances are surveyed as a whole, the pattern of “othering” is shocking. This readable book recounts vicious hate crimes and police harassment of innocent individuals, and compares the frenzied response from the media, politicians and the justice system when an accused criminal is a Muslim, to the muted equivocations when they are not. The book examines the ordeals faced by Muslim Canadians like Omar Khadr and Maher Arar who have had their most basic human rights actively violated by the Canadian government, and analyzes the impact of laws targeting what Muslim women are allowed to wear. Finally, the book concludes with the inspirational and creative efforts of Muslim and non-Muslim Canadians working to bring us closer together.

Spanning settings from dark prison cells in Guantanamo Bay and Syria to the gilded corridors of power on Parliament Hill, this book addresses fundamental notions of social cohesion and the value of Canadian citizenship. Canadians who are worried about the direction our country is headed will consider it a must-read.

About the Author

Graeme Truelove is the author of the critically acclaimed biography Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics (New Star Books, 2013), which was shortlisted for the Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize and listed on the BC Bookworld Bestseller List. He was a contributing author of House of Commons Procedure and Practice, 2nd Edition (Éditions Yvon Blais, 2009), which was called “the most important book on the Hill” by Maclean’s. Truelove has worked for Frontier College as a literacy teacher in a remote Indigenous community and volunteered for the Ontario Public Interest Research Group, among other activist groups. He has worked on Parliament Hill since 2001. Truelove lives in Ottawa, ON.

Table of Contents


Welcome to Canada: Muslim immigration before 9/11

Sticks and stones: Islamophobia in Canada

Let’s keep talking about Niqabs: Islamophobia and politics

The Veneer of justice: Muslims and the national security apparatus

Names like Mohamed: how we’re unfairly applying the law

O Canada: breaking the Law

The head of the spear: how everything went wrong for Omar Khadr

A Canadian Is..: where we go from here

The gifts: the message we’re sending

Bibliographic Information

Title: Un-Canadian: Islamophobia in the True North

Author: Graeme Truelove

Publisher: Nightwood Editions

 Language: English

Length: 224 pages

ISBN: 978-0889713628

Pub. Date: Oct. 19 2019

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